To arose a woman without talking to her. Silent seduction.
"Yo ma nigg, you wanna hit up the mall tonight?"
"Hell yeah, bro, let's go smile!"
by Jimmy Tapper November 25, 2007
N: a cigarette
V: smoking a cigarette
Lindsey: Can I bum a smile?
Jeff: Ya, I was just thinking about smiling.
Lindsey: We must be on the same smile schedule!
by Soonerface August 30, 2010
change of facial expression to happyness due to an amazing blow job, hand job, or just from having sex.
Guy: "Holy shit!
that was worth a smile babe!"
Girl: "You better of enjoyed that,
i almost ran out of breath!!"
by The man of tate August 25, 2008
McDonalds, in reference to the slogan "we love to see you smile"
lets bounce over to smile and cop some cheeseburgers in my hoopty
by william S. holla August 08, 2003
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