something we all have to fake to get through the day
everyone's got a smile, but everyone's feeling down inside
by weirdyrandommetal1977 March 13, 2015
The dab of cream filling on the bottom of a twinkie added during the manufacturing process. "Smile" is lingo inside the company.
Look at the smile on the twinkie. Wow.
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
Smile means to lift both of the ends of your mouth up
I watched the girl smile
via giphy
by Maddy Taco May 29, 2016
Similar to MILF, SMILE is an acronym for Sex Muffin I'd Like to Eat.
That woman has an amazing SMILE.

No doubt. She looks delicious.
by onehandcrabbing December 12, 2013
To slit someone's throat by swinging your knife/shank/etc. is a arc that mirrors a smile and buryinng the knife into the victim's throat.
"I got business to attend to-I've got smiles to cut." Bellowed Iggy.
"You like a smile?" Candy said quietly.

And then her hand swung up in a silvered arc and she buried the knife in his throat.
by _Suicide Messiah_ December 02, 2005
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