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to make your mouth into a u shape
smile for the cameras!!
by little laughs March 28, 2009
To slit someone's throat by swinging your knife/shank/etc. is a arc that mirrors a smile and buryinng the knife into the victim's throat.
"I got business to attend to-I've got smiles to cut." Bellowed Iggy.
"You like a smile?" Candy said quietly.

And then her hand swung up in a silvered arc and she buried the knife in his throat.
by _Suicide Messiah_ December 02, 2005
The dab of cream filling on the bottom of a twinkie added during the manufacturing process. "Smile" is lingo inside the company.
Look at the smile on the twinkie. Wow.
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
open your mouth widley
and let it shine!!
i need sun glasses for your bright smiles!!!!
by *awsomepossum* July 10, 2008
To arose a woman without talking to her. Silent seduction.
"Yo ma nigg, you wanna hit up the mall tonight?"
"Hell yeah, bro, let's go smile!"
by Jimmy Tapper November 25, 2007
N: a cigarette
V: smoking a cigarette
Lindsey: Can I bum a smile?
Jeff: Ya, I was just thinking about smiling.
Lindsey: We must be on the same smile schedule!
by Soonerface August 30, 2010
The Best Potato snack ever made
Man you want to eat some smiles?

Hell Yeah
by Shrekman1128 April 20, 2009