A facial expression . Can be real or fake . Can be happy or evil . A girls smile can be one of the biggest turn ons for men.
Smile it's the best thing you can wear :)
by Ha ha :) February 22, 2015
A facial expression where the corners of the mouth are turned upward. Not only is a smile the result of happiness, the action of smiling actually makes you happy(very slightly, though). So go ahead, smile. It makes you happy.
by Shits-and-giggles April 06, 2014
The thing which all beauty emits from.
Her smile shone like a rainbow and I saw her true beauty.
by melonfreshh December 30, 2010
the drawing back and slight lifting of the corners of the mouth, which partially uncover the teeth; the curving of the naso-labial furrows
I was happy, therefore I smiled.
by mr. kev October 17, 2010
A smile is a strange and desturbing thing that delusional people do.
not smiling person: Those horrable nightmare-like visions are called life. It will consume you and eventualy make you go insane.

smiling person: Im so HAPPY! LOOK at me SMILE so! HAHAHAHAHA! The world is so so good! *gets run-over by a car*
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 27, 2006
something white girls are not allowed to do in front of black boys in the states of Georgia and Texas.
Jessica: Don't look, are you trying to get us killed?

Amber: Your mom soooo owns you. Relax.
by major_delmac March 01, 2005
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