one of the best bands ever
if a bunch of valley girl preps start liking smile empty soul besides me, ill physcobitch them out
by laurengonewild November 08, 2003
Top Definition
one of the best bands out there. lead singer sounds like nirvana's used to. the lyrics to thier songs are amazing and always have a damn good point. on a scale of 1-5 they are definately a 5.
songs include: this is war, and Silhouettes
by Joe May 12, 2004
noun:a group of musicians who write their own music and are often refered to as the best damn band on the planet.
kick ass group of people
greatest album since "nirvana unplugged"
sound simalar to nirvana
person 1:"smile empty soul kicks so much ass"
person 2:"who?"
person 1:"im going to kick your ass for being so fucking gay"
by sarah July 30, 2004
They're very good in what they're doing, and they know excactly what that is. The really have something to tell, even though the singer is only 21. He has a really good voice and does everything at once. I really appreciate that.
yup that's it.
by Lukie January 27, 2004
the most kick ass band anywhere. they are alternative rock, 3 guy band
dude i love smile empty soul, they are the best ever.
by smile_empty_soul_for_prez January 22, 2004
They're a really good band with valid points.
Their concert ROCKED!
by PretentiousLies August 29, 2003
One of the best bands ever who make great music and know what they are talking about
They are the best band ever
by Rachel August 24, 2003
The best fucking band in the universe with an awesome lead singer and lyrics that really mean something.
Smile Empty Soul is the best. Est.
by Fyrefly August 30, 2003
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