Another word for I have absolutely no idea.

Also, a substitute for the word 'smirks.' You can use this also just as smike, however, smikes sounds 10 times cooler than smike.
Rhyala: We'll find you someone to shave. *smikes*
by Oli ilO October 26, 2008
Top Definition
In late 2008/early 2009, the East Coast McDonalds of the North Shore became the birthplace of the act we now know as 'smiking'.
To smike is to congregate at a common place of gathering such as a parking lot, gas station or even a local park, at indecent hours of the morning and smoke whilst talking about things ranging from girls, games, highschool nostalgia, drugs and cars.

Notable smikers include the Bitchin' Lee and Woljin. Smikers are predominantly male but there have been cases noted where a smike-participant (ie: smiker) was female.
a: let's smike
b: nah, already had shower and in pjs
a: well fuck you too
by Zen2 April 12, 2009
another word for bludgeon or beat.
i tried to smike that girl by thwaping her in the face with my errection, but i guess i wasn't hard enough...
by Shitona June 20, 2007
A derogatory term to describe a tall poor white gorky skinny male. The origins come from the popular 19th century Charles Dickens novel Nicholas Nickelby.
That boy is some smike. Look at how bruck down his clothes are.
by fatuma and kafiya December 07, 2003
To hit someone with a microphone so violently, they are soon murdered.
And so God smikered the small village of Mir for placing onions on his burger. He does not care for onions.
by Smiker_0994 May 26, 2009
A crybaby ass bitch.
Ohhh my gosh!! Stop being such a smike!
by adubpoop March 23, 2010
A person's left nostril.
Put that in your SMIKE and poke it!!
by AllieAbz September 29, 2004
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