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The Smith College Smiffenpoofs are the oldest female collegiate a cappella group in the nation, founded in 1936 after a group of Smith girls heard the Yale University men's a cappella group the Whiffenpoofs and decided to start their own at Smith. Today the Smiffenpoofs (not SMITHenpoofs) are affectionately called the "Poofs," and perform at Smith events, at other colleges, at weddings and charity events, and elsewhere. Their repertoire has expanded to include both classics (Softly, Manhattan, etc.) and contemporary hits (Hide and Seek, Californication, The Chain, Lady Marmalade, etc.). They are particular fans of the Brown University men's group, the Brown Derbies.
"What are those sweet, dulcit tones that I hear...that fabulous vocal percussion...that amazing soloist...those perfect harmonies...and PS I love this song...what IS that?"

"It's the Smith College Smiffenpoofs."
by poof<3 January 23, 2008