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Cookery term for a small amount.
add a smidgen of salt
by sally from home and away April 18, 2003
the height difference between pearce and emily as of now.
HAH! I'm a smidgen taller than you!
by pearce... October 18, 2007
A very small penis... almost mouse like
Brandon's dick was referred to as a smidgen by rat girl.
by WMA February 07, 2007
A smidgen is a penis smaller than a jolly rancher and bigger than a paper clip.
Person #1: Bob has a smidgen it is like 3 inches long.
Person #2: He does not have a smidgen it isn't smaller than a jolly rancher!!

Person #1: Ew bill has a smidgen.
Person #2: No it is smaller than a paper clip!!! It's barely even there!!!!!
by smidgenfuck May 03, 2010
a midget that got smashed into the carpet
After urinating on the floor on "The Surreal Life," Verne Troyer was made into a smidgen when Jose Canseco went into a fit of roid rage and smashed him into the carpet.
by MikeandVick September 02, 2006