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a nick name for someone with the surnane 'smith'; as 'smithy' becomes shortened even more to 'smiddy' to avoid the complex 'th' sound, a 'd' is alot easier.
'oh look, here comes james smith.'

'smiddy whats going on'

also often shortened from 'smiddy' to 'smidd'
by ishmael bronate June 27, 2010
Commonly known as tits or titties. Smiddies acts a new and improved demention to the female items that we all know and love.
"DAMN!!! check the Smiddies on her!"
by Smiddy man January 28, 2005
A Trampish Liverpudlian whom has no sense of reality and only lives to serve his evil father, whilst enjoying lengthy bouts of rough anal sex with his or her brother.
No Example Of This... It's Too Foul To Use Smiddy
by Paublo November 10, 2007
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