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A mixture of the word "sweet" and "nice". Don't ask where the "M" comes from.
1: Yo, did you check out my mixtape?
2: Yeah bro, it was SMICE?
1: Sweet and nice? Where does the "M" come from?
2: Who cares?
1: Smice!
by Sandeberg January 12, 2015
v. to smice is the action of propelling a human-powered vehicle, such as a wagon, scooter or skateboard, by pushing against the ground with one leg/foot while the second leg/foot remains on the vehicle. smicing, smiced.
When I was a little kid in Vancouver, BC, I played with some neighbour kids, and we would often smice our wagons down the block, shouting, "We're going to Montreal, we're going to Montreal!"
by Randi DeLisle May 20, 2007
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