a text message abbreviation of Shaking My Head
Oh Hell No! She didn't just walk out of her house dressed in leopard tights and a sports bra....Damn! SMH
by E.T.-Ali April 05, 2011
An internet acronym popularly used as 'Shaking my head' , but people deny the actual meaning. 'Smack my hooker'
Person 1: My damn girlfriend spilled her drink on my keyboard. SMH!!!

Person 2: Smack that hooker bro!
by HyperActiveDude March 18, 2011
A term only used by niggers which abbreviates "shaking my head." Nigs use it just to sound more hood. What really bothers me is when male nigs use it because i really only picture fat black lady nigs smh-ing at something.
Nigger 1: oh look! a white person!

Nigger 2: smh...
by dont hate whites u nigs January 29, 2011
suck my head.
if someone is bothering you or pissing you off. you say smh (suck my head).
someone who always starts something and bothers you with the stupidest things. and you dont feel like dealing with their shit. all you can say is smh (suck my head).
by snooki.min January 21, 2011
Shaking my head..(its just like LOL or ROFL)
Carl: dude look at this picture i posted.
Jhonny: why is there a ton of crap in the background???
Carl: i dont know man.
Jhonny: you tried though, u tried SMH
by eRoCQz July 03, 2010
So Mad Hated
I SMH (So Mad Hated) that science project.
by Too Old for this May 30, 2011
Stands for Sook Ma Hoop.

Scottish insult.
Literally "suck my arse"

Similar insults are: Sook ma root, Sook ma dick etc.
Person 1: Can I have a beer?
Person 2: You can smh, that's what you can do!
by Kvbbie January 19, 2012
When something or someone annoys/bothers a person, usually of African American backround, they "suck their teeth" making a "smh" sound. It's a sound that stands for aggravation and irritation. It is sometimes used as a self-defense mechanism if rejected.
A young man walks up to an attractive young girl asking for her number, she responds with a "no". The young man replies with "smh, you ain't cute anyway!"
by Cockaroach B December 06, 2009

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