a text message abbreviation of Shaking My Head
Oh Hell No! She didn't just walk out of her house dressed in leopard tights and a sports bra....Damn! SMH
by E.T.-Ali April 05, 2011
Internet acronym for "suck my hooha" aka suck my vagina.
mandy: you're so hot unf! please smh ;)
chris: oh my god of course baby let's go up to my room and i'll show you ;)
by indiandyke69 November 14, 2012
smh is short for "suck my hole." It is similar to smd, but instead it is referring to the hole.
John: You are such an asshole Jake.
Jake: smh, bitch.
by Amit Prajapati October 03, 2012
Acronym for "Shit Makes Ham." Used to refer to the occurrence or existence of unbelievable or unpalatable events or situations.
Upon discovering that one's home has been ransacked, one may utter, "SMH."

A manager may rationalize the firing of a subordinate by commenting on the subordinate's job performance as, "Shit makes ham."
by dooeh May 25, 2012
SMH simply means "so much horseshit"
I'm tired of all of this lying. SMH.
by tilleywacker44 February 17, 2012
*Smiling Mad Hard*
Joe idkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Maggie: this is so weirddddd

Joe: smh

Maggie: smiling mad hard ?

Joe: hahaha sureeeee
by lefanny December 03, 2011
Meaning either "Suck My Hoe" or "Slap My Hoe" used when on person is angry at another and wants to fight so the person says SMH, and the angry person must slap his hoe (a.ka. bitch) or if someones in a sexual mood and is hitting on on person if that person says SMH, the sexual person must then suck his hoe.
Person 1: Come over here and fight me bitch!
Person 2: Well you can just SMH!
Person 1: *Slaps hoe
Person 1: Hey what up baby?!
Person 2: wtf do you want?
Person 1: I wanna fuck.
Person 2: *Sighs, smh
Person 1: *Sucks hoe
by stopthathoe November 27, 2011
"Shooting My Horse"

Because when people say stupid junk on Facebook you gotta shoot something.
Dude this chick is so dumb, i have to smh

Joe: Smh Bro...

Aaron: Shooting My Horse?

Joe: What?

Aaron: Sicko...
by Da Bomb Diggady October 08, 2011

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