Sexy with a whole lot of mmmmhmmmmmm!
damnn is she smexy!
by belialsson February 05, 2009
Conbination of smokin' and sexy. Above and beyond just sexy. Used to say cute sexy too.
OMG that guy with the kitty ear hat is so smexy!!


shirtless boys are so smexy
by KCWillows July 07, 2012
katy is the defination of anything and everything smexy
guy 1:wow that chicks smexy

guy 2:yea she must be a katy
by flyboy4111 December 30, 2011
Smelly and Sexy. From a distance, she looks very sexy, as you approach her you realize she had a bad odor. Could be breath, or worse! Keep your distance and toss her some soap!
"Too bad she's smexy: she's so hot but she smells so bad!"
by HandsomeHarry November 09, 2009
christina and nikki and your mom at night. lawl. (: <333
no example. just talk to ur mom. <333
smexy ladyyyyyyy
tell her i love her and can't wait to see her again. <333
by [[BLANK!]] August 05, 2009
Almost like sexy or sexay, but even more so.
1. OHMYGOD! She is SOOOOO smexy!
by SexieLexie April 05, 2009
when someone is trying to look sexy while eating a sandwich
" that girl eating the sandwich is trying to look smexy "
by ducia March 18, 2009

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