A stupid phrase used in many virtual chat sites. Noobs usually use this word to look appealing, although little do they know it looks really really silly :S
Noob: Hey smexy

Martin: What the hells wrong with you im not smexy

Noob: I meant sexy

Martin: Thats not like it

Noob: Im ugly
by Skull Blade September 12, 2009
Smexy was actually originally a typo.
Some kids were in user chat room called "Skate Chat" on yahoo back in 2005 when one went to compliment another and accidently put the letter m after s in sexy. everyone laughed about it, but the week after everyone was using it.

this is pretty much how the conversation went:
"omg you are so smexy..sexy*"
"hahahaha smexy?"
"yea ^^: i accidently put an m in there.."
"i like it! Im smexy!"
"you are so smexy"
"i feel smexy today"
by KeyKeyx1000 March 25, 2007
A man that is sexy can be called "smexy."
Man, that guy is smexy.
by lildzippedice August 30, 2013
me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is not helpful
me is smexy
by moi4441 December 15, 2012
a damn right smexy person
Certain people are smexy and some just aint
by dance4lifejd January 14, 2012
not just sexy, but smack your momma sexy
"yeah, that's what i call smexy"
by miss smexy February 06, 2010
Dustin Ng <3; "mmm" and "sexy" combined.
my Num Nums is smexy.
by Banana (: March 23, 2009
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