the cross between the words "sex", "smelly", and the last syllable of the hott girl's name "ashley". SEX sMelly ashleY = SMEXY.
used mostly in the southern states by highschool-college boys
wow, that girl is smexy. she smells so bad, i would NEVER bang her.

wow, that gal sure is smexy. she smells so good, i am rock hard already!

wow, that girl is smexy. she has a cool smell to her, and shes sexy; her name has a "y" with it too! (hinting that her name might be kayli;ashley;mary;stacy;lee;cathy)
by Ashley Kim August 02, 2007
sexy in a totally hot way
omg cookie, you're so smexy. lets make wub
by Bronto October 09, 2002
this is what I've learned "smexy" to be, and I think it sounds the best, so it's how I use it...
First off, "sexy" is meant for someone you want to have sex with. While "smexy" is someone who you want to have sex with, but cuddle with afterwards. That's how I know it to be, and it sounds the best...
she is so smexy
(guy) "you are so smexy looking"
(girl) "Awwww thank you"
by zergtillian October 21, 2006
When you're feeling amorous and want to adopt a more lustrous tone of voice, smexy is how you would phrase it.
Well hello you smexy thing
by Russle March 21, 2006
(adj.) very sexy,usually describing something that's really cool,or skilled.
Joe,Russ,Dylan,Jimmy,Kelly and Summer are possibly the smexiest people ever.Fallout Boy is however,not smexy.Either is Katherine McIntyre.
by SMEXY MASTER! July 11, 2006
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