Used in games (I.E. Runescape, Maplestory, Neopets) instead of saying sexy "smexy" is not blocked my the word filter but sexy is..
Bob: MAN that girl is soo ****
Bob: I mean
Bob: that girl is soo smexy
by Bradley Llewellyn September 20, 2007
Anime-fangirl-speak for sexy.
If you want to say someone is sexy, please, just say they're sexy. Not that they're smexy, or secksay, or shlexksy or whatever the hell you fangirls say.

Of course, why you find cartoons sexy is beyond me.
"Lyk sesshomorau r teh smexy!!1" - InuYasha fangirl
by ~souba~ April 20, 2006
to be deliciously hott or just sexy in general. it also helps to be named kayla or cara.
Kayla and Cara are smexy.
by oh my moses! December 10, 2006
Itachi uchiha

True, but also a description used for some one that a person is attracted to male or female, maybe both . Whatever floats your boat lol .
"Woah Helena that guy over there is fucking smexy."
"That chick over there is smexy."
"... i dont want to use a phrase with smexy in it describing a transvestite, lolz ."
by Sakura9chan December 02, 2006
when something or someone is smart and sexy (I put a extra H in my spelling (shmexy) its more fun to say.)
The guyz will eat you up in that smexy outfit of yours.
by Psycho2Rock September 17, 2006
the cross between the words "sex", "smelly", and the last syllable of the hott girl's name "ashley". SEX sMelly ashleY = SMEXY.
used mostly in the southern states by highschool-college boys
wow, that girl is smexy. she smells so bad, i would NEVER bang her.

wow, that gal sure is smexy. she smells so good, i am rock hard already!

wow, that girl is smexy. she has a cool smell to her, and shes sexy; her name has a "y" with it too! (hinting that her name might be kayli;ashley;mary;stacy;lee;cathy)
by Ashley Kim August 02, 2007
means sexy to the max!!!!! i personally prefer the word shmexy tho...
sall: omg he's so so so so SMEXY!!!!!!!
by Beautifullydecayed October 26, 2006

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