Super hot, better than Sexy, as cute as someone can get
Bra look at him, he on Smexy fo sho.
by Mareah-Lee March 31, 2007
Do your math...

Girl 1: Hey, did you see that guy??

Girl 2: OMG yeah, he was totally smexy!
by Shadow Raverz March 15, 2008
A term meaning super sexy. Usually used by douchebags.
MaxBemis: Halo 3 boxart is smexy
Random Guy: Speaking probation.
by Is Quisnam June 10, 2007
1. mark

2. super sexy

3. comonly used by ppl who would like to describe something as beyond sexy
mark: hey wuts up

sydni:nothing ur just soo smexy
by emoskatergurl August 02, 2006
a really fat ugly girl
Check out skunt. she is smexy
by Andy1121 July 10, 2008
A sexy mexican who is amazing and hot. Everyone loves a zorro.
Zorro is smexy.


I would love to be smexy!
by Amazingness November 22, 2006
a word used to describe someone that is extremely appealing to the eye ex the wrd smexy put all togheter means smoking sexy
Ferrell:John and Travis look so smexy
Rachel: I totally agree the look wicked smexy
by F.A.L June 28, 2007
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