A Sexy Mexican
"damn look at that boy he's Smexy"
by msjoejonas1 November 12, 2009
Something that is considered "sexy" but is used for people that don't like to use words like "sexy", other words, it means fucking hot and need to get on hands and knees for
chick # 1: wow,look at that. *points to the striper*
chick # 2: thats Smexy, lets go dig that.
by Ugliehchibi May 15, 2008
extremely sexy, having extreme sexiness
Did you see her? That girl was über smexy.
by agkg March 12, 2008
Smexy means that someone is both smelly and sexy. They might not wash much, but by god do they have a nice chest. Geddit?

But really, me and my friend made this up, i haven't a clue what smexy means. I just know that Thom Yorke is smexy...but i err..haven't smelt him...yet.
Girl 1 'Tom is one smexy guy'

Girl 2 'daaamn straight, he took his top off for me when he came round last week, the whiff of his underarms was almost unbearable.....but his abbs more than compensated'

Girl 1 'You fucking what!? you knew i fancied Tom!!'

Girl 2 'ermmmm' (runs as fast as she can away from girl 1)
by reckoneer July 25, 2010
The combination of Sexy and Smoking.
A fun way to say sexy when joking with friends.
Man he's soo smexy!

He thinks he looks so smexy in those glasses!
by jizzybear48 December 12, 2009
means Deliciously sexy..mmm sexy..yummy.

this word was made up by kandra johnsan in marching band..used by few marching band members.
look at the guy over there he is very smexy..mmm .. or hey girl your looking smexy today.
by bandgeekforever August 07, 2008
1)Someone whos older than you and sexy.
2)Mature and Sexy.

Sexy:someone who is has the HOLY SHIT! kind of looks.

Girl:"OMG look at Duke he is SOOO Smexy!!"

Duke:8th Grader
Girl:6th Grader
by KittyKat420 May 08, 2008

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