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An individual who walks around smelling like rotten shit. He or she is never seen near others as it is a repulsive individual who is not fit for social engagements. Also known in some areas of Fairfield County as a Crowley.
"Shit, that guy is one smelly fuck." "You mean that Crowley there?"
by Edgardo Rivera September 20, 2006
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a very smell individual who cannot figure out why he has been given this obscene alias
by Ih8sean April 30, 2004
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A smelly fuck involves not only that particular type of vagina that is possessed of an extremely strong musk but also that penis which is shaped correctly with the proper length and girth. Most importantly is the size of the penis head, which must be large enough to pull the smelliest musk from deep within the vagina near the cervix. Once this has been pulled from the vagina this then becomes splattered upon the buttocks and thighs especially in the rear entry position. As this begins to build the classic smelly fuck presents itself to your waiting nostrils. While the smell is particularly strong in darker skinned females it is most pleasant and usually results in a stronger erection as well as a more plentiful ejaculate.
When dating an african american woman a large penis carrying male soon discovers that the aroma from an extended and very active copulation session is unmatched in intensity and volume and as such is classified as a smelly fuck.
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