A type of smell bad or good. Often used to announce you smell like shit.
Mike: Dude do you smell that...?

Dave: Yeah, it's probably me I haven't showered since Friday

Mike: You are aware its Wednesday you'r so smelly!
by miolopo April 26, 2010
1) A pungent smell that is offensive to the nostrals.
2) A very good dubstep beat
3) Can be also used to describe a night (or day) that featured more debauchery that usual.
1) "Breddrin, it's 10.00am, why the fuck are you so smelly?"
2) "Oh chit! That new Stenchman joint is fucking SMELLY!"
3) "Oi, blad! I was so lenge last night, the party went on smelly..."
by CooLant August 24, 2009
A British alternative for bath oils and perfume.
"Would some smellies be a nice gift for her brithday?"
by Anonymous January 02, 2005
A girl's underwear which has an odor or nasty smell to it. Often said in relation to an unattractive girl.
Guy 1: Who is that chick?

Guy 2: I don't know ,but it looks like she is wearing some smellies.
by oqensel December 11, 2010
something that smells
your bum
your mum
your thumb
your son
deal with it- smelly
by TheCroft June 05, 2007
A derogatory term for black people.
Did you see that smelly on the corner tryin' to be all G'd out? Damn smellies.
by mustangman6799 November 10, 2008

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