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1-To smell something that is not there.
2-To smell a smell that's not currently present.
3-Hallucination of the olfactory (smelling) senses.

(combination of smell + hallucinate)
Tweeker: "Dude, do you have Funions
in this car somewhere?"

Policeman: "Ahh?,...oh wait, I
think it's probably just
the crank; Methamphetamine
can sometimes cause you to
smellucinate. Sorry dude."
by goodcop8 August 11, 2007
When you imagine a smell
Dude, can you smell that?

No - what you on about?

Oh never mind, I must be smellucinating


You know Smellucinate - imagining a smell
by spick3 June 25, 2010

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