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The direct oral deposit of a formidable, fiber-enhanced sequoia of fecal matter into your lover's gaping maw.

Originally an underground slang term, circa approx. 1994. Orginated amongst a small circle of future computer geeks as they crowded around a 14" monitor, with 28.8 modem blazing along at what was then considered ludacris speeds. They waited restlessly for the image of what they hoped would be a nice all-female orgy to appear, but were repulsed (and later intrigued) to see a woman lying naked on the floor with her mouth open as her male partner stood over her and crapped in her mouth. The image filename, originally a few random letters followed by some numbers, was re-named "SMELLSNACK.jpg" and happily distributed via email to brighten everyone's day.
"Dude, fuckit, I'm spoofin' my IP and sending the principal the smellsnack."

"So, are you into any of that kinky shit like S&M, Beastiality, Necrophelia, or Smellsnack?"
by dysContinuum November 03, 2004
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