A smell which is so pleasant that it is similar to your nose having an orgasm.

For example: Your favorite food being cooked or someone wearing a delightful smelling perfume/ cologne.
your favorite meal been cooked, Someone wearing a delightful smelling perfume/cologne. Smellgasm.
by saxkid5 April 10, 2011
Top Definition
Like an orgasm for the nose. When someone smells so good it makes you want to say GOD DAMN.
1. My hot ass co-worker was in my office today and I was having smellgasms.
2. I picked up his shirt off the floor and smelled it and had a smellgasm.
by Jacqlyn April 06, 2006
A smell referred to as a smellgasm usually means that an object's smell effects your nose clit and gives you an amazing orgy in your nostrils, for first timers it may pop their nose cherry, may cause bloody nose.
Leif: Dude, I just got this new smencil, and it's smell is so great I think I just got nose laid.
Xander: Dude, homie, you said it wrong, broheem, it's a smellgasm! Noob!
Leif: Fine, whatev, either way I'm gunna "nose"turbate and get a huge smellgasm tonight, bro!
by jhrdgesgn February 21, 2009
Upon smelling a certain scent, or a combination of scents, one makes noises as though they are having an orgasm. Similar to a "Flavorgasm"
I walked into Anthropolige and had a smellgasm from the scent in they have in there.
by Kingskid1984 December 12, 2008
The sensation of amazing scent brought by smelling something awesome. Preferably a girl
Man1: (Sniff sniff) Auuuuuu

Man2: What?

Man1: That chick just gave me a smellgasm
by Dr. Ezz May 01, 2010
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