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In the old days when we were young we used to use the phrase. Smell my fingers which in that time would prove that you made it to second base with a girl. Now a days they use smell my face to prove you made it to third base. This in a nutshell means that the male had oral sex with the female.
I had a great time with my girlfriend last nite Jim here Smell my Face!
by richardc May 26, 2006
Heroically coined by morning jock Elliot Segal on DC101 as a t-shirt design. it means absolutely nothing except when you say it, you gotta say it like white trash. it also makes a great insult when you can't think of anything to say.
Say i was going to the White House but couldn't figure out which tux I'd want to wear. Then i'd probably just put on my "Smell My Face" t-shirt and some jeans i wore the day before
by the legendary 9 August 12, 2005
After performing oral sex on a female, the shouting of "Smell My Face" is permissable... Similar to the smelling of fingers after finger fucking; derived from rednecks post cunnilingus
Jimbo: Billy-Bob just ate out your sister.
Billy-Bob: Smell My Face.
by Smell My Face November 27, 2005