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meaning to smell or to produce substances that smell.
"eww who smelked?"

"did you just smelk?"

"you smelk so smelking bad"
by smelker November 16, 2009
Very annoying person.

Normally have "bad crack" or "terrible banter"

They enjoy being called 'lads' when really they are just boys who enjoy 'tinnies' and football and sausage fests.

A Smelk (the noun), is not to be confused with a misspelling of the word 'smell' on texts.

The person actually mispelling the word 'smell' may use the word to regain their dignity.
ERGH, that guy over there is drunk off one can!
God i know, he's such a smelk.

OH, it could have been SO embarressing today, i accidently texted 'u smelk' to this lad.
He obviously thought i was a clumsy oaf but i was able to say it had been purposeful. If he didn't believe me, he could check Urban Dictionary ;)
by zore June 22, 2010
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