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When a someone has to fart but you stick your dilly in their cornhole so they can't fart.
Jim was about to fart but i smelfed it out.
by K-Brown October 24, 2005
(n) The bad odor a person smells on oneself after excessive sweating. The ability to smell one's own b.o.

smelfy (adj) Having a bad case of smelf.

(smell + self)
I thought I was smelling the sewage treatment plant but it was smelf.

I was so smelfy from the hike that even patchouli couldn't save me from smelling my own stink.
by baubo September 21, 2009
1.right after a man is done jacking off or having sex, there is cum left over in his urethra
Richard: Dude, last night, after I fucked Julie, I pissed all over her bathroom because of my smelf.
Billy: Did you clean up?
Richard: Fuck no I had drain pain.
by Bob Saget's Son May 27, 2009
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