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To smelch is to burp smoke after exhaling while one is smoking something, usually marijuana.
"Whoa dude! Did you see that? I just smelched!"
by EastCoaster September 03, 2009
8 2
The act of allowing a gay man expel gas into your mouth, gas that came from ingesting cum from a recent blowjob.
My gay man asked if he could smelch me in about a half hour after he had just taken a cum load from a blowjob he just gave me.
by jomi8065 October 30, 2011
0 0
the act of penal ejaculation into the ass of a woman and then eating having the ejaculate eaten out by the male.
bill was having anal relations with fashion. he then let a load loose into her ass and used a straw to suck it dry
by bill dodds December 14, 2003
9 10
When a guy shoots his load in the womans ass and eats it out enjoying every single second of it.
While Bill gets his load off in Fashion's ass he then jumps back there to eat it out of her bum.
by Bill Dodds December 14, 2003
5 13