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Bad breath caused by the continuous huffing of uncut, unclean cock.
That cock huff-er over there sure the fuck has some kicking smegma breath.
by CATHAIL September 14, 2006
39 11
A general insult aimed at a person who's not welcome; works better when applied to males.
Check out smegma breath there, don't you guys just hate him?
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
19 8
Someone who has been engaging in oral sex with an unclean, uncircumcised penis-- in other words, a very sick and dirty person.
Your disgusting! Get out of here smegma breath.
by Blue Steel January 06, 2003
17 19
Someone who frequents SSP.
Example MMN is such a Smegma Breath
by MMN January 18, 2003
4 17