smeg = the cheesy stuff that you get on a guys forskin
dude ure nobs fulla smeg n its liek soooooooo cheesy
by smegs February 16, 2005
a futuristic British all-purpose swear word. From Red Dwarf.
You smeg head
That's smegging horrible
by Fan of Lister's July 01, 2003
Comes from the word "smegma", meaning the cheesy crud on the end of your dick, if you're a guy and dont wash your dick properly.

"Smeg" is mainly used as a kind of swear-word on the TV show Red Dwarf. When used in this context, its use is similar to that of "fuck".
Smeghead = fuckhead
Oh smeg! = Oh fuck!
What the smeg is going on? = What the fuck is going on?
Whats that smegging thing? = Whats that fucking thing?
I dont give a smeg = I dont give a fuck
by O.G. WILLAKER February 10, 2005
From the tv show Red Dwarf, it is a commonly used insult, derived from Smegma.

1) Smeg: Exclamation of surprise not unlike fuck.

2) Smegger: Obnoxious person

3) Smeg head: As 2
1) Oh Smeg! What the smeggin' smeg's he smeggin' done?!

2) I'll nut the smegger into oblivion

3) I'm not an insubordinate man by nature. I try and respect Rimmer and all, but it's so hard because he's such a smeg head.
by Snake July 09, 2004
An all purpose swear word originally used by punks before made popularized by the british television show Red Dwarf dispite popular belief smegs origins did not have to do with smegma which is a crusty substance that develops underneath foreskin.
Rimmer is such a smeg-head

smeg off

this really smegging sucks
by Jimmy Kline April 05, 2006
"Smeg" was adapted for use by the crew of the popular BBC TV sitcom, Red Dwarf, and comes from the word smegma, which describes the yellowy, cheesy substance found on the end of dirty penises and grimey clits.
"Get that smeggin thing away from me!"

"Rimmer, you're an absolute smeg-head."
by Nicky Fung June 26, 2005
The sticky, yellowy, substance with a similar consistancy to that of a crumbly cheese that collects behind the foreskin of a man if he is dirty and doesn't wash properly.
"I've got some smeg under my foreskin"

"Eww, that boy had a right load of smeg on his bell"
by Kittennffc June 28, 2005
A german manufacturing brand of whitegoods such as fridges and oven who chose to deminish their marketing potential by way of using a name meaning semen in the western world.
Sequioia: i would like to buy a new oven.
Salesman: i reccomend this one-Its got Smeg on it.
Sequioia: who would do that?
Salesman: i assume some guy in the German factory.
Sequioia: ah, i thought it was only us women that orgasmed on washing machines during spin cycles......

Salesman: thats not what i meant- can i interest you in a new washing machine?
by rockmiester October 11, 2012

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