a combination of smut and sleezy
yo that girl is such a smeezy
by julie January 08, 2003
The smoking of dried cannabis. It is also used to describe dried cannabis buds. It is both a verb and a noun.
I love to smeezy. Call our dealer, because I need some smeezy.
by kingofdank February 26, 2010
some one who is known to be a thug or Hard in the streets
dat nigga Rob Smeezy a thug
by Rob smeezy April 22, 2008
a hot girl or group of sexy or attractive girls who are always seen together.
Damn, those smeezies look fine. Look at that smeezie; she is a dime.
by qazwsxrfvtgb February 17, 2010
in other words...someone (mainly a gurl) who fools around with ur friends...but then dicks u over and gives u nothing
damn dat bitch is so smeezy...shes fucked him and him and didnt give me shit!!
by vicky_in_da_house_06 March 01, 2006

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