A word for a poor guy, who doesn't have a lot of money and is generally friendless
a : "Did you see that poor guy?"
b : "Yes, he doesn't have a lot of friends, he's such a smeets"
by Pietje1991 April 11, 2008
Top Definition
what a baby irken(invader zim) is called.
As a smeet, Zim was adorable.
by Abitlyon March 18, 2009
slang for generally awesome
"Whoa dude, look at him, he's so damn smeet"
by Andy Smith December 10, 2003
smeet: a man with a small penis
guy: "hey are you ready to have sex"
girl: "yeah but.."
guy: "what?...is there a problem?!?
girl: "no its just so cute"
guy: "what?, what's funny?!?"
girl: "your smeet its so cute."
guy: "are you saying i have a small dick?"
girl: "....yes....I'm leaving now"
by Disneybrian_Griffin March 12, 2015
The migratory Arctic Smeet Frog is the only amphibian possessing a furry coat and capable of flight. Numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they are thought to have been a mainstay of the Winter diet of Native Americans who camped by the waters of the Huron. They are now a protected species, and the hunting of Smeets is strictly forbidden.
The smeet frog spends much of its day under water coming out only on moonlit nights
by David Dickason January 31, 2004
1. one with small feet. the combination of 'sm' from small, and 'eet' from feet.

2. adding the first 2 letters of the word small to any body part
1."nick! put some shoes on those bare-smeet!"

"youre boyfriend is such a smeet"

2. smands, smears, smenis, smoobs, smass,
by aylaa March 24, 2010
Smelly feet.
Bill: What's that that disgusting odor? It's gross.
Jane: Sorry, it's coming from my smeet.
by Amazing Kevin July 02, 2009
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