The act of going to sleep in the morning.
I had the best smeep today. Didn't even wake up to the garbage truck.
by lemonfarts November 07, 2008
Top Definition
Highly seducing woman
Yo, I was hanging out with a real smeeps last night!
by covergirl9er9er March 03, 2009
A traditional smore using a Peep instead of a marshmallow.
Quit hogging the fire I need to roast my smeep.
I totally ate my weight in smeeps.
by NOLAChic March 19, 2008
(n.) One of those involuntary farts a male gets when his buttocks are in the air with legs spread out and the warm fart gently ruffles his scrotum. Few true smeeps have been recorded in human history. Only the great masters of flatulence can produce such pungent pearls of fragrance.

(v.) The act of smeeping
Guy 1: Dude you look so relaxed!

Guy 2: Yeah dude, I just smeeped.
by Universe24 April 19, 2011
a word to replace obscenities or the act of making love
That guy is so fine, I want to smeep the smeep out of him
by panic September 13, 2004
Superior race, the two sons of the Holy Ape and the Divine Sheep : the Black smeep and the White Smeep.

The first one (see also "Dauzat" ) created the Bouleterie Order which aims to destroy the Smeep God (or White Smeep).

The second (see also "Kevin" ) is the God of the Smeep Religion.
"Smeep! Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!! "
by The Smeep Order October 25, 2007
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