Sonny Moore Disorder.

being obsessed by the singer of from first to last Sonny Moore
yeah she has a serious case of smd.
by MariexMurder August 04, 2007
music. great band with great sound SoundMethod visit
SMD has rockage!!!
by dudette January 19, 2004
Bunch of skaters from West babylon that think they can skate and can't and have horrible vid's on their site. These kids need to find a life. They deserve to get shot as all skaters are fagots and chances are 1.2% of the skater population will actually become endorsed in the long run. Fuck you guys..
"Dude, stop being such an SMD or I'm going to have to kill you."
by Your mom. March 31, 2005
(noun) The Skate team from West Babylon that absolute rocks. They kick major behind at skating.
"Dude, I saw SMD the other day at the firehouse"
by Anonymous March 03, 2003

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