smell my dreads.

suck my dick
smell my dick
suck my dread
spit ma dude
shake my dick
dude just smd (any one of those)
by BIANCA . June 19, 2010
SMD is known for the abbreviation for "Suck My Dick"

SMD is not only an acronym but it is also a name that represents a crew and how it describes them "SMD" It started in the late 2006-2007 by a small group of girls in the suburbs of Illinois. (Mainly Bolingbrook or Desplaines area.) Not many know why a group of girls would want to be representing a male genitalia, but that is what the beauty about this group of girls calling their crew "SMD" It is because they have some of the strength and the perspective of a male. Basically "Anything he can do I can do better." Through their dramas, boys, hard times, family, love, lust, drugs, school, sex, and ect. they always had an attitude of dude just... "SUCK MY DICK" Keeping their heads held high no matter what situation and dilemmas, the girls had to be the better one to just do the right things in life, the models, and the inspiration of all group of girls striving to just make the best out of life. SMD crew have been friends for years even if they are older and much wiser now not representing "SMD" as often, but deep down in their hearts they will always be a part of something so powerful that friendship between them will always remain forever in history of their lives in the SMD CREW. <3
guy: What's your problem?

girl: ha. really? dude SMD

guy: you want me to suck your dick?!


lol =)
by SMDHARDCORE August 26, 2010
An acronym for the phrase "Shake My Dick" invented by Shrek and Fiona
Person A: "I bought that really expensive sock that I know I couldn't afford. :("

Person B: "SMD."
by boooooooooon December 10, 2009
An abbreviation for "suck my dick."
Hey, bitch. Go fucking smd. You fuck. You saggy-vagina-licker-fucky-guy-shit-for-brain-piece-of-shit-fuck. SMD!!
by jaced mascoli December 29, 2008
Smed means Suck my dick. Every straight guy uses this as an insult or to a girl to give him a blow job. But be cautious it's known that saying this to gay people offends them and they'll be all like "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm telling my boy friend you bitch. he jammed his dick right up my mangina mother fucker!!"

It's also a common saying popular on the internet by trolls who are about to rape you or just want to depress you because you don't have a life and sit at the computer all day.

Your chances of epic win are 50% and your chance of epic fail are 50.0000000000000000000000000000001%
Example 1

Carl: Smd, girl.
Hoe: Oh okay...*pulls off Carl's pants*
Carl: Ahhh, that feels good bitch.

Example 2

Internet Troll: All of you smd, fags! erutrehiofogidhifhh
User 1: Shut up, cunt.
User 2: I'm going to report this bitch.
Moderator: Cuss or fighting is not allowed on our site, due to not following the rules you get a warning. Next time you will be banned.
Internet Troll: Go fuck yourself losers. lol

Example 3

Steve: Smd faggot.

Gay guy: WAHHHHAHHHAAAA! YOU'RE MEAN I AM TELLING MY BOYFRIEND! He jammed his dick right up my mangina mother fucker!!
Really gay faggot(bf): What's wrong man?

Gay guy: HE'S MEAN!!
Really gay faggot(bf): Who? Him? You smd you bitch...
Steve: Oh shit...
by azZ_kIcK3R June 14, 2009
so much down
-a term used to show that you are down to drink
Vinnie: Yo, you wanna chyll?
Phil: Yeah man, smd
by Polak Bitch July 08, 2009
A word that was created by O___X__O
It means Suck My Dick
He also invented the word Cunt
Scott SMD its my word
by A MAN DUHh January 06, 2008

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