Suck My Dick, used to tell somebody off.
Tom: Eww dude, what the fuck happened to your head?
Mark: Smd Tom.
Tom: What?
Mark: You idiot Suck My Dick.
Tom: What time?
Mark: You fucking fag.
Tom:Shaking My head.-__-
by Biteitniqqahxp February 17, 2010
Share My Dope
im gonna SMD with Bobby
by the ultimate superhero July 24, 2011
SMD is a shorter way of saying "Suck my D*ck."

DMS is a reversed form, saying "Dick my Suck."

Some people even flip it saying "Duck my Sick", or "Sick my Duck."
I don't give a damn about what you say so SMD you ass!

You know what Kevin, DMS, ya you cock as mo fu!
by Danerd9 November 11, 2010
Abbreviation for "Sign My Demo"
Fan: Dude I love your band! SMD?

Lead Singer: Of course dude, anytime! It's what I do.
by iCarve October 23, 2011
Smoke More Dope
Dude, your life is f'd....SMD!
by Datsun 420 ZX May 07, 2010
Suck my dick
Person #1: I found 5 dollars

Person #2: smd
by delores livingston October 28, 2009
another word for suck my dick yay

8----------> O=
joey: smd
Leann: what the fuck?
joey: suck my dick
Leann: ohhhh ill suck it real good baby
by thats what she said hoe May 10, 2009

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