An acronym for "shaking my dreads." It is used interchangeably with SMH (shaking my head) by a person with dread locks.
Person 1: "Dang I forgot to do my homework again."

Person 2: "That's a shame. SMD"
by Bullz Babe July 17, 2011
sluts make doe
prostitutes making money on the streets (SMD)
by abbreviate me March 07, 2011
means suck my dick
mayne bitch smd
by unicalokita September 23, 2010
shake my dick/shaking my dick
Girl: SMH

Dude: naw you can SMD
by dacrzyaznfoo August 01, 2010
suck me dry
suck my dick
Sara: Wow, Ian. Nice mark, I got 12 points higher!

Ian: smd bitch, we all know you fucked the teacher to get that grade.

Connor: OWNED, N00BZORZ.
by holdmyshit April 19, 2010
shakin my dick

Similar to the well-known "smh (shakin my head)
Person 1: I was gonna go to the mall today, but it was closed.
Person 2: smd
by hater2332 August 22, 2010
Acronym of "Suck My Dirty Sanchez"
If you don't know what a "Dirty Sanchez" is, look it up.
by LaLaLaLyssa April 04, 2010

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