Social Media Douchebag
Most of my Twitter followers are just SMD's looking for reciprocal follows.
by bulwark_jrm August 12, 2011
suck me dry
suck my dick
Sara: Wow, Ian. Nice mark, I got 12 points higher!

Ian: smd bitch, we all know you fucked the teacher to get that grade.

Connor: OWNED, N00BZORZ.
by holdmyshit April 19, 2010
Suck My Dick, used to tell somebody off.
Tom: Eww dude, what the fuck happened to your head?
Mark: Smd Tom.
Tom: What?
Mark: You idiot Suck My Dick.
Tom: What time?
Mark: You fucking fag.
Tom:Shaking My head.-__-
by Biteitniqqahxp February 17, 2010
SMD is a shorter way of saying "Suck my D*ck."

DMS is a reversed form, saying "Dick my Suck."

Some people even flip it saying "Duck my Sick", or "Sick my Duck."
I don't give a damn about what you say so SMD you ass!

You know what Kevin, DMS, ya you cock as mo fu!
by Danerd9 November 11, 2010
shake my dick/shaking my dick
Girl: SMH

Dude: naw you can SMD
by dacrzyaznfoo August 01, 2010
An acronym for "shaking my dreads." It is used interchangeably with SMH (shaking my head) by a person with dread locks.
Person 1: "Dang I forgot to do my homework again."

Person 2: "That's a shame. SMD"
by Bullz Babe July 17, 2011
sluts make doe
prostitutes making money on the streets (SMD)
by abbreviate me March 07, 2011

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