1. full of anxiety, angst and irritation, such that one would, if one were the Incredible Hulk, probably begin smashing things.
I can't believe they want me to stay late, even though I told them I had plans tonight. That makes me feel so smashy!
by a_smashy_smasher November 16, 2009
Top Definition
So extremely cute or adorable that you have an uncontrollable urge to smash it.
Jenny, your baby is so smashy!
by deedledeepoop March 30, 2011
smashies is simply a shorter word for the video game Super Smash Brothers for N64. Can also be used in different forms as shown in the examples below.

NOTE: The word does not refer to the Gamecube melee version of Super Smash Brothers.

Hey man, wanna play some smashies?

(Variation) Dude you wanna smash it up?
by Parkies December 13, 2005
A smashy is a spikey from the popular game, yoshi's island, but all its spikes are replaced with hammers.
oh my god, that smashy killed kenny!
by dontcare3000 August 17, 2007
A word used to describe melee attacks in the popular First-Person Shooter "Halo 2". It can also be used as a game setting in said shooter, where players have no energy shields and are equipped only with Plasma Pistols. This forces players to rely purely on melee attacks and grenades to defeat opponents.
Adam: Agh! You hit me from behind with your stupid shotgun!
Paul: Smashy smashy!!
by KingPhoenix May 23, 2005
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