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Someone named Ashley who can't hold her alcohol. A combination of the words smashed and Ashley. Originated from an episode of Dave Chappelle.
Dave: "OMG who gave Smashley that bottle of vodka?"
Brodie: "Wow, looks like someones gonna be cleaning up vomit tomorrow"
by bromole August 01, 2006
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A combination of the words 'smashed' and 'Ashley'. What happens when your friend Ashley has one too many shots. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, bouncing around, hugging everyone, high-fiving people for no apparent reason, laughing hysterically, and falling on the floor.
I absolutely love my Smashley :)
by brittster_33 July 13, 2009
A girl named Ashley who tends to be a slut. Generally having a loose vagina, resulting in it being "smashed"
Smashley is a slut!
by OHYEAHHxx318 November 22, 2010
A girl named Ashley who never learns from her mistakes and continues to drink and get in trouble. Models her behavior after Lohan = whorish with visits to jail and rehab on her resume. See also Trashley.
I guess the rehab stint and house arrest were for naught. Smashley got another DUI.
by foundaboutu August 07, 2010
1. overactive in their text messages (NOT ON SILENT!!)see typeractive
2. takes advantage of free condoms
3. loves the futon. loves ON the futon.
This weekend, her roommate pulled a Smashley ...i swear she had sex on the futon five times!!
by Ho Ho and Chi Chi November 11, 2007

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