1.noun.,a meterosexual male who has been taunted by a member of the "Colton" species
2.noun.,a meterosexual male that has played DDR, and hasnt slept all night
3.verb.,to be fondling a DDR mat at a social function
1.Oh my god, Diggy, yoiu are such a smashkinger!.
3.Quinn! Stop smashkinging the mat. We have company.
by Mary Kavanagh February 27, 2004
Top Definition
adj., describing something (usually pertaining to DDR or computers) that a meterosexual male would like to fondle.

noun., A meterosexual male who has had, at some point, intercourse with a Nentendo Rock CD Collection, and everybody knows it.

*~*This is in correspondance with Mary's original definition of the term.*~~*
1.)That's a smashkingin' DDR mat you got there, Quinn!

2.)Yo! Smashkinger, my man! How're your Cd's comin' along?
by Dani D. March 04, 2004
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