wtfpwned. ganked. fugged up. laid out. wtfsmashT
"U have just been smashT s0n"
by Sforce September 13, 2004
Top Definition
idiotic word used by powergaming lowlifes who play world of warcraft on the blackrock (pvp) server
my mom got smashT up by my daddy on accident so they just let me play computer games all day
by scumbag203 December 02, 2004
Just so you n00bs know it was coined in Lineage 2 (Sieghardt Server), it's not a WoW term n00b's.

You just got SmashT!

Thank WaR and Sforce for it.
WaR member runs into CT krator room #3, hit's person B, WaR member sets up a shop while flagged, person B hits WaR member by mistake while trying to check what was in the store and flags because of the bug, WaR member wtf'sbackstabs person B, Person B dies, SmashT!!!!!111oneelleven!!!
Totally fucking retarded term used by dickless little kiddies who can't resist spamming trash talk on game forums (notably WoW - Blackrock server) to try and gain e-cred by furiously stroking their pre-pubescent little pin dicks online.

Fuck off and die all of you little cocksmoking faggots
r0flmayo y00 just g0t smashT OlOlZLoLZLol
by Foad. December 02, 2004
To hit another player with a signifigant amount of damage usually killing them; A one hit kill
lolz you got smashT
by Toxygen January 26, 2004
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