A belief and approach to exercise, diet and lifestyle, where to 'Smash It Out' is to put your best foot forward, give 100% effort and have no reservations that you could have done more.

To complete a hard-core, assassin-style workout at the gym or outdoors.

To complete a hard-core spy training style session.

To attack and complete an exercise or circuit in an animalistic way, no holds barred, 100% effort!
Come on guys, let's Smash It Out together!

Really go hard on good eating this week - Smash It Out!
by APT1 May 13, 2011
Top Definition
to ejaculate semen from the penis.to ecaculate either by jacking off, have sex, ect.
Oh man, i really want to smash it out after watching that porn.
by corcoran May 21, 2007
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