to inject a drug by IV
I love to smash cocaine
by beat beat your meat August 03, 2003
cruzin in your ride to be noticed by others.
i was smashin down crenshaw last night
by blunt1 March 27, 2003
Upon Seeing A Rather Fine Looking Girl, You Have To Shout 'SMASH' regardless of your whereabouts or time of Day. This Can Also Be Used Ironically. Others terms are bangers and smash, pow and raggable.
Jeff- Dude That's Gross, Shes like 90
Tim- And?
Jeff She's Got Two Turkey Necks!!!
by SMASH Warrior September 23, 2009
to have sexual intercourse with someone,
you try'n to smash?,wanna smash?
by elkview adam July 05, 2006
Smash is a special lady who will make you cry, laugh and hit her in less then an hour. She comes from a troubles background in Moco md, but she does not let the man keep her down she is a member of the p crew and will blow your mind and your wallet. Watch out for this little animal
Smash shows no mercy
by Chrissy November 14, 2004
1.)To have excess amounts of fun at a time.
2.)A gay dog.
1.)Mike's party last week was a smash.
2.)I think sparkey is a smash
by Mister G_Money November 24, 2002
to take a shit
i gotta take a smash
by kenny October 17, 2003

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