to take a good shit!
Damn hommy i gotta take a smash... i'll be back
by ohgar October 31, 2003
to have sex
hey you smashing later?
i got to smash and dash
by actualjuice April 25, 2009
1)to insult a group or person and make them feel punked
2)to beat a group or person at a daily activity
yo, we finna smash on these niggas at league championships
by dawg March 25, 2003
Nickname for a small squeaky lil bawbag who loves cock crunchin just as much as muff munchin. Also will usually lie and sneak behind peoples backs to get his/her way and will suck so much cock just to be popular.
Ashley: Dude! I totally sucked paul off last night it was awesome!
Steve: WTF man! you are actually such a smash!
Paul: So what man he sucks like a pro!
Brian: (dreamingly)Hes everything a guy could ask for........
by dempywempy May 16, 2009
short for suck my ash
person-1 : yo buddy i saw you last night with your Cathy's friend, right??
person-2 : Yeah we had made one night stand. You know man she's really such a bitch. "The real SMASH hole in the world"
person-1 : ow, it's so awsome.
person-2 : yes guy, we wonna to take it again.
by buddy's chan February 26, 2007
To have a certain power over something.
cassidy says in one of his freetyles:"I still gt philly on smash ,i mean theres somehot n***** but im still a top n*****"
by Ransum December 29, 2005
Food, eat , lunch, dinner
Ex: Im about to go out and get some smash (Food)
by Senz December 23, 2005

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