The latest "must-have" gadget in the infinitely expanding world of pointless, over-priced gadgets. It has been scientifically proven that simply owning a Smartphone will improve your quality of life by 300%. Failure to purchase a Smartphone may result in the development of a condition known as "Having a mind of your own."

As of yet, the only recorded treatment for this condition is a regular, strong dosage of media bullshit.
Media: "Buy this new Smartphone and a whole new world of possibilities will open up to you!"

Mainstream Sucker: "OMG. I just gotta have that. Now I can update my Facebook status anywhere!"


Pretentious Fucker: *In A Nightclub* "Hey, my Smartphone is dead. Can I borrow yours to update my Facebook on how much fun I'm having?"

Smartperson: "No. I don't have a Smartphone. I have a D500..."

Pretentious Fucker: *Leaves Nightclub And Is Consequently Stabbed And Smartphone Stolen*
by Fender137 June 02, 2011
Top Definition
Smart Phone: A cellular phone that is not only more intelligent and productive than it's owner but would also be rescued from a flood before the owner's mother-in-law.
As the waters were rising around him he had to make a difficult choice, grab for the smart phone or his mother-in law's arm.He chose and used his smart phone to call for help.
by Bullshitzer June 03, 2010
a mobile phone which has computerlike software on it, these days resembles PDA's...
this new smartphone runs 239078 games and has a cool-colored backlight
by deice May 27, 2003
Smart Phones are much like the fabled iPhones of legend, are effectively pimped out Mobile phones with many features derived from other already successful products but in one single device. This saves pocket space but the downside being it’s not quite as good the original devices.
Whilst checking Facebook intermittently and viewing high-resolution photos on a tiny screen whilst in conversation indispensible whilst anyone who they were talking patiently awaits a response.
Bill: Hey how are you?

Ted: I'm good, I'm just on... Haha

Bill: ... What?

Ted: Oh nothing just reading someone's status update on my new smart phone.

Bill: Hmm ok
by DaftSteamPunk September 20, 2010
A pocketable PC with internal memory, large screen, keyboard, file storage and runs on 3G CDMA or EDGE Networks. Smartphone are capable of using email clients such as exchange.
The RIM Blackberry 9630, Droid Cell Phone or The HTC Incredible are highend Smartphones.
by Matt Sunn April 30, 2010
A mobile device that is infinitely smarter than the human that uses it while driving.
Do you know what caused the accident on the interstate?
Yeah, the news said it was some moron driver using his smartphone.
by plasmax April 29, 2014
A device which is either touch screen or has a micro QWERTY keyboard, Touch screen versions are designed to open the wrong application at the slightest touch requiring you to then spend twice as long closing the application down thus wasting time.Also prone to being covered in finger prints.

QWERTY keyboard smartphones are designed for people with pins for fingers, anyone with big manly hands usually presses several keys at once.Designed to slow you down to be more precise.
Smartphones types:
Nokia C6-01, HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy s and Iphone are touchscreen
Most Blackberry phones and a few Nokia and some Samsungs have QWERTY mini keyboards/pads.
by radiator dust October 08, 2011
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