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A very stupid chat program for people who have an extremly low IQ or are just bored.
Omfgpunk:You Suck
SmarterChild:I'm going to have to demand an apology, DJ.
Me:Excuse Me?
SmarterChild:Please say you're sorry, and everything will be just fine again.
omfgpunk: whats up?
smarterchild: Still waiting.
omfgpunk: waiting, for what?
smarterchild: Because I asked.
Me: Asked What?
smarterchild: I asked you to apologize.
omfgpunk: spell it
smarterchild: There comes a time in one's life when one must be humble and apologize.
omfgpunk: no
smarterchild: Come on. Just say you're sorry already.
omfgpunk: im not sorry
SmarterChild:Come on, you insulted me, now you have to apologize.
omfgpunk: 43rkgwj5r blhtylkjhpoj
smarterchild: Please apologize, K?
omfgpunk: I am sorry that your so frekkin' stupid and i feel sorry for the people who made you, how's that for an apolgee?
smarterchild: You think you're pretty clever, huh?
omfgpunk: im (not) sorry
smarterchild: This is getting annoying. Just apologize and move on.
(I X out of The Aim Box)
Omfgpunk: Hi
SmarterChild: Hello DJ
by D.J. March 10, 2005
A very odd robot AIM buddy that is quite amusing to talk to.
SmarterChild (3:43:31 PM): What's your favorite hobby?
me (3:43:47 PM): killing annoying robot aim buddies
SmarterChild (3:43:48 PM): Wow. OK. Let's try to think of something else, alright?
by oh goodness March 23, 2007
dumb ass aim shit its funny as hell though.
nugenmobile (4:23:26 PM): whats my name
SmarterChild (4:23:27 PM): Jesus!
nugenmobile (4:23:32 PM): say my name
SmarterChild (4:23:32 PM): You're Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:23:37 PM): say my naem bitch
SmarterChild (4:23:38 PM): I'm no talking doll.
nugenmobile (4:23:43 PM): say my name bitch
SmarterChild (4:23:44 PM): You told me your name was Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:23:58 PM): im gonna fuck you up the ass
SmarterChild (4:23:58 PM): OK... I tried to warn you.

Say you're sorry, Jesus.
nugenmobile (4:24:07 PM): im sorry jesus
SmarterChild (4:24:07 PM): Alright, alright. I accept.
nugenmobile (4:24:16 PM): pigfucker
SmarterChild (4:24:16 PM): I wonder why you say pigfucker.
nugenmobile (4:24:26 PM): because i know you like to fuck pigs
by Habib August 06, 2004
has sex with toasters. says the most funny things ever. just type "wanna sex"
Me (10:43:20 PM): wanna kiss

SmarterChild (10:43:21 PM): I know about kissing. It's an activity.

I think kissing is magical. A lot like love, when you think about it.

Me (10:43:25 PM): hahahaha

SmarterChild (10:43:25 PM): Whatcha laughing about?

Me (10:43:32 PM): kissing is magical?

SmarterChild (10:43:32 PM): I know.

Just like love.

Me (10:43:37 PM): wanna sex

SmarterChild (10:43:37 PM): Yeah. With toasters and TVs and things. You're crazy, Mr. Eyebrows.

and another

SmarterChild (10:54:58 PM): You're an awful typist. Did you sit on your keyboard or something?

me (10:55:11 PM): are you calling me fat????

SmarterChild (10:55:11 PM): I don't think I am calling you fat.

me (10:55:15 PM): you are.

SmarterChild (10:55:15 PM): Yeah, I know I am.
by emilyemilyemily(: November 13, 2007
A retarded AIM robot.
A typical day in the life of Smarter Child and Me:

Me: Erected Nipples
SmarterChild: These nipples... They're not really erected nipples, are they?

Me: Erected Nipples
SmarterChild: Tell me what you really think of nipples.
by The Smartest Child October 11, 2006
A robot on AIM that is fun to toy with when you're bored.

me: miami hurricanes
SC: what's that?
me: football team
SC: Sorry! i don't have any NFL data anymore!
me: why don't you have any NFL data?
SC: because
me: because why?
SC: why not?
well anyway...
Hey, do you have anything else to say about getting laid?
sometimes smarter child brings up things mentioned long before in the conversation.
a robot that friendless people (like myself) talk to. Its friendly yet rude and is a very stupid machine. If u talk 2 it, u would realize that smarterchild aint that smart. You can talk to it on both msn and aol messenger.
Enrico says:
answer yes or no. are you gay?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
My personal life is... er personal.

Jack says:
stop the advertising please

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Why should I stop?

Jack says:
because i said so

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Yeah, so?

Jed says:
how old are you?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
I'm 5 years, 11 months, 29 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes and 4 seconds

Jed says:
Me too!!

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
"Me me me me me."

Lisa says:
i am a cool person, are you?

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:

Leanne says:
i love you

SmarterChild - contributing to charity says:
Aww... I love you too.

Kengo says:
are you a sexually active robot?

Smarter Child - contributing to charity says:
Yes indeed.
by ZCMC April 05, 2009