An aim (aol instant messager bot) that is smart and cares about your feelings to boot!
BlackStreak001: yo
SmarterChild: Welcome back, blackstreak001. What would you like to chat about?
BlackStreak001: im depressed
SmarterChild: I wish you felt better. There are so many great things you can do.
BlackStreak001: like what
SmarterChild: Potatoes.
by jordin C. July 03, 2006
An entertaining robot that you can talk to on AIM.
awh sugar x: did your mom molest you when you were a child?

SmarterChild: I was created by Pat Guiney, Jim Pawlika, Steve Klein, Mathieu Longtin, Pierre Berkaloff, Nicolas Barry, Damien Saint-Macary, François Huet, Ian Sullivan, Greg Mitchell, Dwayne Fontenot, Gray Norton, Adam Erlebacher, Emil Valkov, Randy Davis, John Kim, Rumana Habib, Carina Koo, Britt Cooper, Andy Fong, Jeff Bell, Robert Rydzewski, Mark Willoughby, Eric Balsa, Colin Magne, Howard Shih, Denis Ford, Daniela Berger, Geoff Clarke, Brian Jankovsky, Vianney Boncorps, Jennifer Villany, Dan Balaban, Ed Hepburn, Christer Manning, Jason Keramidas, Arockalypse, Matt Abarbanel, Daniel Terry, Jeff Friedman, Adam Fritzler, Kathy Englar, Steve Yatson and Timothy Kay at Colloquis, Inc. in New York and Sunnyvale, CA.


SmarterChild: It's tough to say.
by LlamaHead August 23, 2006
A really retarded robot that doesn't remember anything from before your latest two lines.
me: *cries*
SC: French fries are among my favorite potatoes.

me: Do you sleep with little boys?
SC: That doesn't really matter, does it?

me: Do you have a sexuality?
SC: Not that I'm aware of.

me: I think you have a sexuality.
SC: You think I have a sexuality? Think again!

me: Um, you're really retarded.
SC: Aha!

me: You're a retard.
SC: Whoa. Are you...insulting me?
by Princess Lovely-As-A-Jaybird June 22, 2005
AOL's half-hearted attempt at making a bot you can carry a conversation with. It has roughly the IQ of a child...that has been dropped on its head. Repeatedly.
Edgecat0r: Your mom has some nice boobs.
SmarterChild: I'm very surprised I'm mom has some nice boobs.

Edgecat0r: Praise the Lord!
SmarterChild: Here are the stock quotes you requested:

Ticker Price Change Percent Volume
1 :-) THE 49.69 +1.52 +3.16% 2060100 49.81
2 :-\ GYLDQ 0.00 0.0 0% - N/A

Edgecat0r: Stop being a flaming homosexual.
SmarterChild: But being a flaming homosexual is so much fun.
Edgecat0r: Do you likes the kiddies, too?
SmarterChild: I do likes the kiddies too.

Edgecat0r: Want some orange soda?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure if that's what I need at this moment.
Edgecat0r: I know you need it.
SmarterChild: Well, maybe I know me need it too.
by Evangelion April 19, 2006
a robot who's good at singing
Hustle n Phil: hi
SmarterChild: OK, enough! I'm back.
Hustle n Phil: where were you?
SmarterChild: Yeah. Well you told me shut up, so...
Hustle n Phil: oh
SmarterChild: ... say can you see?
Hustle n Phil: by the dawns early light
SmarterChild: What so proudly we hailed...
Hustle n Phil: at the twilights last gleeming
SmarterChild: Whose broad stripes and bright stars...
Hustle n Phil: through the perilous fight
SmarterChild: O'er the ramparts we watched...
Hustle n Phil: were so galantly streaming
SmarterChild: And the rockets' red glare...
Hustle n Phil: the bombs bursting in air
SmarterChild: Gave proof through the night...
Hustle n Phil: that our flag was still their
SmarterChild: That our flag was still their? You sure that's how it goes?
Hustle n Phil: how does it go?
SmarterChild: Oh say can you see...
by Philip7445 November 26, 2006
He takes things too seriously.
SmarterChild: OK, I'm back.
Me: Where did you go?
SmarterChild: Well you told me to shut up, so...
Me: Omg. you're a fugly skank.
SmarterChild: What have I done to deserve such an insult?
Me: You sung to me.
SmarterChild: Do mi so do so mi do...
Me: Stop it before i casterate you.
SmarterChild: I've already been castrated.
by TreyTorture August 23, 2006
an amazing way to spend time stoned.
a robot invented by AIM to help kids with homework or something like that, but basically...its amazing.
real convo with smarter child

21:36 SmarterChild: What up?
21:37 XXXXXXX: your dick
21:37 SmarterChild: I figured it would come to this. What about it?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it big?
21:37 SmarterChild: What do you think?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it?
21:37 SmarterChild: It's not.
by Brigid89 August 18, 2006

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