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Originally a joint venture between Swatch, and Mercedes. The smart fortwo is a city car designed to carry two people and a case of beer (yes really). However, Swatch backed out leaving Mercedes to decide what to do. In 1998 the car began to be sold in Europe. Since then smart has sold 781,000 of these cars worldwide, including more than 11,000 in the United States. The car has a tridion safety cell which is similar to a Nascar safety cage. It also has electronic stability control, brake assist, cornering control, and front and side airbags. The car starts at roughly 12,000 dollars and can go up to about 18,000. It is available in coupe and cabriolet configurations. Additionally, If you decide you don't like the car's color you can swap the plastic body panels for a set of different colored ones. The car is 100% recyclable, and got a very good crash test rating both in Europe and the U.S. The waiting list is very long.
Johnny picked up his smart fortwo two weeks ago, and he told me that he's getting 40 MPG in mixed driving.
by Vive Cuervo July 19, 2008
1. Glorified golf cart
2. 1.0L Inline-3 70HP $12-17 car that gets 33 mpg
3. Fugly car that lacks of power, reliability, styling, handling, value, performance, and dignity
4. Car which only idiots buy and they think they look cool
5. To receive enormous attention from people. (They might be laughing and talking shit behind your back)
1. Jim, fuck this golf cart! Lets ride in my new smart fortwo!
2. I just bought a smart fortwo passion cabriolet for $17K! thats $243/HP
3. My smart couldn't get me through NY because it lacks of torque and power to climb the hills. I had to pull to the right and put on the emergency lights
by SKYHIGH April 30, 2008
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