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That guy who doesn't know what he's talking about but tries to sound like he does. Not very bright, doesn't make any sense (though he thinks he's really profound, on to something, etc.). He's not lying to you, he simply doesn't know any better, but will insist he's right, which makes him not worth the trouble of setting straight. Yes, THAT guy.

A very on-point term (coined by comedian Katt Williams in The Pimp Chronicles pt 1), because we all know one...or more.
Examples of smart dumb niggas would be:
-the chick who insists her Infiniti Q45 is front wheel drive when it's really rear drive
-the guy who spells the word "ludicrous" like the name of the rapper Ludacris
-most people who say overstand or conversate
-one who knows the Bible like the palm of his hand but argues the Earth is only 6000 years old
-most conspiracy theorists

You know a smart dumb nigga when you see one basically.
by Kuahmel December 25, 2009
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