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a tiny eco-friendly car , usualy really cute.
Toni: Hey look at my smart car.
Kara: Hippie.
by karaaaaaaaaa December 08, 2009
a very small, very ugly, four cylinder vehicle that is often consumed as food by Ford F-150s and Chevy Silverados
What was that? It sounded like a lawn mower starting up. Oh, my bad, it was a smart car.
by V16 April 12, 2009
The act of shoving 2 fingers in the vagina and using an electric motor in the ass. Commonly not for pleasure but rather punishment.
Steve: You see Betty over there?
Joe: Yeah why the hell is she walking so funny.
Steve: Cuz I gave that bitch the smart car last night.
by TruckerBob May 28, 2014
What you yell when you see a Smart Car, while immediately smacking the nearest person's forehead. Similar to games like "Slug-Bug", and "Cruiser-Bruiser", but much more rewarding.

*Note: Can be played while driving, parked, walking, etc.

**WARNING: May become extremely fun and interesting if you happen see a Smart Car while having sex.
Person #1: (Sees Smart Car) *Yells* SMART CAR !! (Proceeds to immediately smack the closest person's forehead.)

Person #2: (After momentarily regaining senses) *Says* Ow, that 'smarts' !
by The*Original*SmartCarSmacker August 06, 2012
a sex move that involves driving a smart car over a woman's hips somehow making their genitalia tighter and then inserting the penis into the vagina
Carlos mocha-late driving a smartcar
by c fizzleee December 02, 2010
this car is a small vehicle wich no one wants to drive in also known as the dumb car since it was made only to fit 2 people, even though the car is going green its going rong for people
example:"hey bryan whats with the smart car"
"ohh i thought i would go green but i thought i could fit my hole family in the car when i bout it on the internet"

"way to go cow plower"
by mr.smarterass April 02, 2009
the smallest, lightest, coolest car ever. cost about 20 bucks to fill one up from empty.
tall people are afraid b/c they fear their heads will pop out of the roof.
everyone else just say in awe how roomy the damm thing is.
Has been called "the pimp-mobile" because it is just forTwo, but you can squeeze about four prople in it.
"that smart car is the coolest car ever! only $20 to fill up on gas!"

Smart driver: "hey do you wanna ride?"
Tall person: "Ummm.... I'm afraid to ride in your car because I'm to tall"

Short person: "Wow! This car i soooooo roomy!"
Smart Driver: "yea, I know!"

"there he goes in his pimp-mobile"
by Smart Mahn! June 14, 2008