Smarm was the name given to a particularly heavy and cloying hair grease worn by Indian men in the nineteenth century.

Thus a "smarmy" person is cloying, over-ingratiating, oleaginous ("oily"), close, and over-familiar.
"Who was that man who pretended to know you so well?"

"Oh, Kenneth. Ignore him. He confuses charm with smarm."

by al-in-chgo March 25, 2010
Top Definition
Smarm means sleezy,and creepy.also smarmy and smarmball.
"You are such a smarm!"
by :D January 12, 2005
Masculine flirtiness. The facial expression conveying smarm is called the "smarm brow".
That hot guy has so much smarm!
by Aderyn W. May 16, 2011
When something is made messy or dirty by someone rubbing food into things.
Ugh the baby has smarmed food everywhere!
by goodenglish June 10, 2011
Verb: To smarm (someone)

To pull a face that is overtly and knowingly smarmy.
'Did you just smarm me?'

'I just smarmed that girl. She wasn't happy.'

A smarm is usually employed when someone has told you something that they believe is interesting. You can show your disdain for this person by smarming them.
by riceandpea January 27, 2010
Use of extreme angst in a fanfiction. also smarmy.
You can tell this fanfic is smarmy. The heroine's family, best friend, and three cats just died in the first chapter.
by kathy September 30, 2003
A coagulate of smooth and warm. Much like the German word gemuetlichkeit smarm has no specific definition. The closest denotation would be that warm feeling at the bottom of your heart and the tingling sensation in your brain when you reminisce about your childhood or a moment of enlightenment.
"Hey Joe, you remember Tony Hawk's Pro Skater?"

"Ahh... I'm feeling all smarmy now."
by Tedd Smotherton September 16, 2008
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