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Swaggin My Ass Off. This phrase is used in place of the popular lmao (laughing my ass off).
Just bought 3 pairs of Gucci shoes. SMAO!!!
by The Futuristic Swag Cruiser August 10, 2009
verb meaning "study my ass off". use when test is near and knowledge is lacking.
Joel: don't you have a test tomorrow?
CJ: oh shit! i totally spaced. now i have to smao
Joel: smao?
CJ: Yeah, Dillhole, i have to study my ass off
by lemiWINKS3 May 15, 2008
Studying My Ass Off
I can't come to the party, I'm SMAO.
by Blade305 December 05, 2009
A name for an unknown spread or dip which can be used to enhance the flavour of toast, crisps, chips etc.
Jamie - Hand me the tub of smao Jethro, bread is so boring without it.
Jethro - Sorry Jamie, I've just finished the smao.
Jamie - You greedy pig Jethro, go down the shops and buy another tub of smao.
by dave the plumber May 28, 2007
snorting my ass off.
girl one: at least i wear a bra.
girl two: smao
george: no.
by psamps January 27, 2009
Sweating my ass off
After I rode my bike I was SMAO
by Olivia Langdon January 17, 2011
Shitting my ass off
I ate some bad chicken and was up all night smao
by mrlwt5 August 30, 2009