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Variant of spam, smam is non-invasive spam, posted on forums. Unlike spam, smam does not include affiliate links such as outwar, neither is it emailed or as keywords to falsely gain search-engine placement.

Smam, smamming, smammer
That post was pure smam.
by Squiggle February 03, 2005
disproportional limbs of a human female
That smam has some funky short arms.
by Balphazar August 04, 2006
An acronym for self manipulation assistance material. Porn. Used to speak of porn in places such behavior isn't appropriate.
Yeah, just gonna go home and look at some smam.
by Snowfall57 July 01, 2009
a hybrid word derived from the words smash and slam
person in passenger seat: "You suck"
Driver: "You'd better watch yourself or i'll smam you into the car next to us."
by Lil Miss Katie May 16, 2008
a person whom you cannot decider if they are male or female; when in a situation where you have to respond to as Sir or M'am, it is a combo-- "Smam"
err, paper. thank you, smam.
by 7m6v3pyu July 06, 2011
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